WEEK 1:  In-Person, "Polyominoes for Personal Growth" (July 6-8)
  • (July 6-8, 2020. In-Person Classes offered at Bering Church, 1440 Harold, 77006; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY.  Choose AM only Session--9am-12n+snack [$20] OR PM only Session--2p-5p+snack [$20]. Limit: 12 students per session)


    These sessions focus on manipulating polyominoes as a means of enriching abstract thinking, and spatial acuity skills. Through cooperative and competative board games such as "Blokus," and "The Mechanical Beast" students entering grades 6-12 (max. age 17) will engage with polyominoes in creative ways that are designed to enrich engineering, arts, and mathematics (stEAM) skills, as well as bolster social and emotional learning (SEL) (e.g., active listening, responsible decision-making, self-efficacy, resiliency, conflict resolution, etc.)


    To register multiple children for the same session, please increase the "Quantity" in the scroll-down menu.  EX: 3 children = "Quanity: 3"

    WEEK 1: In-Person, "Polyominoes for Personal Growth" (July 6-8)

    50,00$ Standardpreis
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